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Witchcraft, occultism and evil spirits. It’s all part of the family business. 

Taking place in the spooky town of LaRochelle, Ga. Superstition follows the Hastings, a family who owns and operates the city’s only funeral home. However, not only do they offer funeral services they also offer “afterlife care”. A cover for combating supernatural activities that haunt their small town.

After spending 16 years in the military, Calvin Hastings (Brad James) returns home to help in the family business. To his surprise, much has changed in La Rochelle. He learns of that paranormal activity is up and he fears his family is in danger. Calvin poses precognitive abilities which allow him to see future events.

Hastings teams up with his father, Isaac (Mario Van Peebles) to fight a rash outbreak of deadly snakes. However, to their surprise, the source of their problem is deadlier than they think.

The History of God Shammgod and His Famous Crossover

Superstition continues the rising trend of Black characters in new narratives. With this series focusing on occultism and the paranormal.  A trope commonly found in African-American folklore but not so much in mainstream media.

Syfy was kind enough to drop the first episode of Superstition for free on YouTube, which you can view above. If you want to keep up with the series it premieres Friday, October 20th on the Syfy Network.

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