“The works of Inejiro Koizumi are influenced by his childhood in Northern California as well as his personal journey with depression. Never afraid to try something outside of the mainstream, Koizumi-san immersed himself in the culture of Japan seeking relief in a society that more naturally matched his own internal workings. His works display a fusion of Japanese influences and insights from his own youthful associations with Latin gangs during his adolescence in Northern California.”

Hello. Born with the name Doctor Percival Roy, I dove further into the creative arts and chose to shorten my monicker to something that reflected the depth of my creations.

DEEProy (from D.P. Roy) suits me for music. The lyric and prose, however, require a different namesake. Inejiro Koizumi is what I call myself when putting pen to paper.

Together, the two of me have created this experience; the first to properly represent the IDM-inspired, nascent, genre of ElectroThink.

4 Sonnets + 3 Pieces of Music = Undercover Obese = ElectroThink.

Follow Alphonse Ivanhoe De bon Marché as he goes on a walk to try and understand why it is exactly that he went to bed a sturdy 140 lbs, and woke up well over 600… Along his journey, his foot runs afoul of a nail. Then things really get weird…