Shelita Burke is unlike any artist you will ever encounter. She is the archetype of what is possible for artists as she integrates her gifts as a data scientist and cryptologist into her pop music career. Shelita feels “In this new music industry every artist needs to understand data science and use all mediums of artistic expression to reach and understand their audience.” Shelita’s first single from the “Special” EP called Photograph reached #1 on Hype Machine and is available for purchase using the Blockchain via directly through her website. Now she’s back with the second single from “Special” called Drive.

An ethereal affair that finds the songstress delivering powerful vocals over a melodic smooth instrumental, “Drive” is a powerful record that’s very relaxing yet energetic all at once. Shelita’s lyrics are easy to relate to and easy to feel. Shelita’s vocal mastery is one of the biggest things that stands out about “Drive” after a few listens through. The song is a chill record that’s perfect for kicking back or just cruising around the city to.

After having made Billboard’s Top 20 Next Big Sound Chart in March 2017, the talented Shelita Burke is showing no signs of slowing down. Check Out “Drive” below and follow Shelita around the internet.



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