The New Stüssy Holiday 2017 Collection Just Landed

Take a Look At Every Piece From The Stüssy 2017 Winter Collection.

Stüssy‘s Holiday 2017 Collection drops today and its purpose is to “examine global subcultures through a California lens”. The new looks are all about color palettes coexisting in a way that typically wouldn’t be thought of. Understanding the beauty in contrast and that these different elements can work together beautifully.

First of all the collection features classic duffer jackets and flight jackets in the usual fall tones. The stand out is beneath that level, the base layers contrast nicely with bright clean colors. In addition to tie-dye logos, poppy covered denim and mushroom print designs. Furthermore we get a taste in the mastery of layer blending in Stüssy’s winter collection. The Holiday 2017 Collection blends different designs and colors with great contrast and quality that Stüssy is often known for in the street wear world.

So Stüssy’s Holiday 2017 Collection drops today, Friday 26 October in stores and online. In other fashion news, Palace Drops Their 2017 Logo Centric Winter Collection.