The 10 Greatest Marvel vs Capcom Characters Of All Time

The 10 Greatest Marvel vs Capcom Characters Of All Time

Did you know that the Marvel vs. Capcom series is a spinoff? It’s the extension of the original X-Men vs. Street Fighter. It’s the reason we have a lot of the crossover fighters that exist today, but Marvel vs. Capcom was the original, that could never be duplicated. Know for its speed and flash, full of multi-character combos and assists. It’s just bursting with character and there’s very little like this series. With no more ado, Here’s The Fresh Committee’s list of the 10 Greatest Marvel vs Capcom Characters Of All Time.

Note: This list is based on a very specific performance formula, starting with competitive use, overall versatility, usefulness, assist-ability, likeability, charisma and how many times I’ve been beaten by someone using these characters.

10. Morrigan Aensland

Race: Succubus
Nationality: Scottish
Birth-year: 1678
Height: 5’8″ or 172 cm

There is no Darkstalkers without Morrigan. She’s been in the Marvel vs Capcom franchise since it started in 1998. She excels in these games. Still a problem with her signature Soul Fist, the Succubus has some of the best all-around game, amazing air mobility, and little gimmicks for instance she can steal your meter and her Astral Vision super, creates a crazy amount of fireball pressure. Morrigan excels in just about every area and for good reason. She’s one of Capcom’s staple characters so they make sure she keeps up with some of the heaviest hitters.


9. Wolverine

Race: Mutant
Nationality: Canadian
Birth-year: 1832
Height: 5’3″ or 160 cm

This list just wouldn’t be fit without Wolverine because he’s practically synonymous with the series. His fighting style is extremely fast and accurate, making him one of the best fighters in the game period. His only downsides are he’s not so great defensively and his arial abilities aren’t that great. Wolverine does exactly what you’d expect him to do and goes in, a beast in full-on aggression mode, never giving you a moment to breathe.


8. Magneto

Race: Mutant
Nationality: German-Jewish
Birth-year: 1930
Height: 6’2″ or 188 cm

Magneto has always been a technical character but if you take time to learn his moves, you find that he can pretty much do it all. He can set up powerful resets and does well on fighting on the ground as he does in the air. He’s guaranteed to bring the pressure to any opponent. If you see someone pick Magneto. You should be very concerned he’s a character that gets selected a lot in competitive play and for good reason.


7. Akuma

Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Birth-year: Unknown
Height: 5’10” or 178 cm

We got Akuma and we welcomed him with open arms. Akuma is a very powerful character that has high-damage combos and will do them with very powerful moves. Our advice is to try your best to keep some distance. As powerful as Akuma is, he does have some weaknesses. The first is his range or the lack thereof, he also has low health so be sure to plan your moves correctly or one slip up and that could be the end. Nonetheless he is still very much so one of the best characters in the franchise.


6. Ryu

Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Birth-year: 1964
Height: 5’9″ or 175 cm

Whenever Ryu can step out into a crossover it’s a big deal because it’s an opportunity for Capcom’s poster boy to become more and go beyond the strict guidelines set for him by the company. We all know him from Street Fighter, a game so popular and Ryu has always been the standard fireball-blasting, jack-of-all-trades character we’ve come to know and love. In the Marvel vs Capcom series’ he gets a little more flashy. He’s one of the greatest characters in the series but to me, Ryu just doesn’t stand out that much anymore.


5. Doctor Doom

Race: Human
Nationality: European
Birth-year: 1832
Height: 6′ 2″ or 188 cm

Doctor Doom is the master of projectiles and he has a good amount of defensive options. He can beat you from across the screen and destroy you in close combat. Due to him being an all-around type of character he is able to handle most threats with no problem. He’s extremely versatile and adapts very well. His moves aren’t really difficult to execute, perfect for beginners and dangerous in the hands of an expert.


4. Dante

Race: Human/Demon
Nationality: Unknown
Birth-year: Unknown
Height: 6’3″ or 190 cm

The arrogant demon-slayer Dante also made his official début in MVC3. Using all of his special attacks to excel in many areas. He has many effective combos that can extend or be adjusted. His move set is pretty large and at times are difficult for newcomers to keep track of. So if Dante is coming for you depending on what you do, you may be in some trouble. He’s one of the best all-around characters in the game, Dante isn’t as sick with it as his brother is, but you’ll find out about him later.


3. Wesker

Race: Human
Nationality: American
Birth-year: 1960
Height: 6’0″ or 183 cm

Albert Wesker is the main antagonist of the Resident Evil Franchise and is one of the most complex characters in the series. Between his gun shot-teleport combo and his Phantom Dance attack, he is not an easy character to read and with a skillset so vast, he’s bound to keep players on their toes. Wesker is not as cool as he thinks he is but he can complete just about any group of three and excels in a lot if areas as a result making him a sure-fire pick for this list coming in at number three.


2. Zero

Race: Reploid
Nationality: N/A
Birth-year: Unknown
Height: 5’6″or 168 cm

Zero made his debut in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and left no one disappointed. First of all he’s one of best point characters in the game hands down. If someone has Zero on their team, don’t get caught slipping, one wrong move and watch Zero take away half or more of your life bar with one combo.Zero is difficult to read and requires some level of mastery to really make the best use of his combos. I’ve always struggled with people who knew how to use Zero because he can wipe you out in just a few moves.


1. Vergil

Race: Human/Demon
Nationality: Unknown
Birth-year: Unknown
Height: 6’3″ or 190 cm

I had to go with Vergil, he’s just too complete not be in the top spot. Due to his ability to deal with just about any opponent you throw at him. When you talk to anyone who’s played with Vergil, they can tell you just how serious he is. He has incredible range, great teleports, great mobility and he does a lot of damage, and makes good use of the meter if you know what you’re doing with him. His Devil Trigger gives all of his abilities a major boost, including an incredible level 3 X Factor. Vergil is ready for just about any situation, and has been a staple character in the competitive scene since he was introduced in Ultimate. He is the character you hate to see picked, and is easily the top fighter in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.


Honorable Mentions




Strider Hiryu

Phoenix Wright