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Volume one of A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes album series showed promise. Although it suffered from redundancy, the first installment had some solid cuts. Bangers “Yamborghini High,” “Telephone Calls,” and “Money Man” were my favorites in the bunch. Less than a year later, the New York hip-hop supergroup is back. Unfortunately, the collective needed some more time in the studio. This 17-track mixed bag is so hit-or-miss, you’d think you were watching an Adam Sandler marathon. This sequel commits a false start, opening with multiple duds. “Please Shut Up” is excruciating. I wish they would have taken their own advice on this one. Equally as awful, “Black Card” takes everything typical about Rocky’s delivery and sucks the life out of it. “Blowin’ Minds (Skateboard)” has its moments. With a trendy beat and a wavy hook, it’s the first track in the listing to either meet or exceed expectations.

However, it isn’t until four tracks later that another truly signature track shows up. “Walk on Water” is serviceable. Playboi Carti’s (who for some reason is not pictured on the album’s cover) ultra ignorant chorus is entertaining. But overall it wasn’t enough to hold my interest long term. “Get the Bag,” on the other hand, is the kind of gritty anthem A$AP Mob excels at making. Rocky and Ferg finesses with ease, anchoring the track’s muscular sound. Following it is “Bahamas,” which I found to feature a refreshing thematic presence. Most rappers brag about all the places they’ve been, things they’ve bought, and women they’ve smashed. Hearing the other side of where they actually haven’t been is, again, refreshing. The guest verses from Lil Yachty and ScHoolboy Q alone are worth giving this track a listen. That’s the thing, though. Many of the best performances here are guest slots.

Luckily, the album ends on a good note. The trio of “Coziest,” “What Happens,” and “RAF” left a pleasant taste in my mouth. I prefer albums to focus on opening and closing proficiently. Yet if I had to choose one, I’d want an album to close well. There are very few times an album has ended wack and gotten a positive review score from yours truly. “Frat Rules” deserves praise as well. It simply has a dope stadium-status vibe. Big Sean and Rocky play off each other well. All in all, Cozy Tapes 2 is tolerable, but far from intriguing. Too often does this follow-up fluctuate in quality, flatlining for two to three tracks in a row. There’s a huge disconnect between the rapping talent of Rocky, Ferg, and Twelvyy compared to the rest of the A$AP Mob. Guests fill the voids nicely here, but facts are facts.


Review: A$AP Mob - Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy
Impressive Guest SlotsComplementary ProductionSome Certified Bangers
Inconsistent Song QualityLackluster HooksBloated Track List