P.S.Juno Croons Over On His Stellar New Single “Clingy”, Steam It Here.

P.S.Juno, is a 23-year-old, independent artist, who writes and produces his own music. Juno was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and raised in Irmo, SC where he still currently resides. The title “P.S.” stands for “Post Scriptum” meaning “Written After”, and the name “Juno”, being short for junior; As he shares his first name with his father. Typically, “P.S.” is written in expression that one has more to say. The name “P.S.Juno” denotes he has an extended purpose to offer the world. A different approach he has on not only his music, but also his life.

To Juno, music is refreshing and exhilarating. He finds serenity in writing and telling his stories. If the masses of his listeners can relate along the way, that is a sensational feeling for him and powers him to continue experimenting new sound patterns as a way to unfold his consciousness. Juno does not expect everyone to value and understand his music on a personal level, however, he is grateful for the people he can connect with through his writing.

With time, emerging artists such as Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travis Scott, TYuS and Bryson Tiller, Juno became inspired to write to the “sappy” yet “trap” driven beats and samples he was crafting on. While those artists/producers inspired his sound, artists including Lecrae and Trip Lee, inspired the content of his music. Juno has much appreciation for the artistry of PARTYNEXTDOOR and Bryson Tiller, as he can relate to them the most. Juno feels he delivers similar vibes as them, except through his own personal lenses.

Juno is able to connect to people of all ages being a young artist with an old soul. He desires for his sound to be an influence to the culture in a positive and uplifting way. To categorize P.S.Juno by music genre, he would likely fall in the class of Contemporary R&B/Rap. Juno does not identify as either a rapper or singer, but a musician who is highly infatuated with melodies.

February 2017, P.S.Juno released his first mixtape “I Still Care”, a project summarizing his past relationships and friendships. Juno is soon releasing his sophomore project, titled “June in July”.

You can listen to P.S.Juno’s latest track below and be sure to support his music by steaming it out Apple Music and purchasing a copy on iTunes.

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