Tesla Model 3 – First Interior Photos Show “Minimalist” Cabin


Tesla Model 3 – First Interior Photos Show “Minimalist” Cabin

An exercise in minimalism. A phrase that perfectly sums up the interior design of the new Model 3. When you get in the car, all that sits in front of you is the steering wheel, a 15″ display, and the open road. Its elegant beauty is exactly what we would expect from this auto-manufacturer. It’s not for everyone, but those who appreciate simplicity will find themselves at home.

Tesla engineers didn’t strip the inside just to reduce clutter. Because the Model 3 is a smaller car, the goal was to make the interior feel as big as possible, said Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen. They also wanted to create a car that would age gracefully. With this design, analysts think they were able to achieve both. It goes without saying however that a minimal design means minimal costs for Tesla, which is crucial to keeping the price low on the Model 3.

A simple design can sometimes look cheap, but from what we’ve seen so far Tesla has done so in an elegant way. It should be noted however that these photos show the premium interior, a $5,000 option on the Model 3. Will the base model still feel like a luxury car or will it lose its luster? We should know in a few months when they start to roll off the assembly line, but for now, our expectations are high.