Over the last couple of months, I’ve started taking an interest in smart devices for my house. My first purchase was a Nest thermostat which I immediately loved. Since then, I’ve looked at other ways to integrate smart devices into my house.

I’ve had my eye on Amazon‘s Echo for quite some time and was waiting until Prime day to see if it would be on sale. My wish came true! However, instead of the Echo, I ended up purchasing the Dot. The Amazon Dot has all the same functionality as the Echo with the exception of having a much smaller speaker. Anticipating that I wouldn’t be using it much to play music I decided to save money and go with the cheaper option.

Two weeks later, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I purchased a 2nd unit to put upstairs. Here are some quick thoughts on my experience with the Dot so far.

I was pleasantly surprised by the small speaker in the Dot even though it didn’t receive the best reviews. That being said, I think the full-sized Echo would be a better fit for downstairs as the smaller speaker struggles to fill that space. Alexa does a very good job of hearing me speak, even when music is playing or I’m in the other room. The hands-free convenience is great when I’m prepping a meal and need a timer or music. Alexa also has hundreds of “skills” it can learn to add to its functionality. Some of my favorites are a 20 questions game and sleep sounds for night. Also, nothing makes your wife laugh like telling Alexa to dim the lights and turn on Marvin Gay when you get into bed.

I do see a couple of things that could be improved with Alexa. A small battery would be ideal so that it didn’t have to reset when you move it to another room. It doesn’t take very long but could be improved. Also, I wish the two units communicated with each other more than they do. If I set a timer on one, I would like it to go off on both. However, having them function independently has its benefits as well.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with Alexa so far. As I expand the smart devices in my home, I expect Alexa to grow increasingly useful. The Dot is a great starting point for anyone looking to try this technology, but I definitely see an Echo in my near future.