D’Wynter Cold, Won-G and Rick Ross dropped a dope visual for “Rich Together” the visual shows the struggle of trying to make it and the rise to the lavish lifestyle. There’s a great use of camera work and color mapping that really makes the video stand out. All though the video isn’t particularly new. D’Wynter is making waves. So if you haven’t seen it yet then, you’re welcome.

Music has followed D’Wynter Cold wherever she’s gone. Ever since she was two years old, D’Wynter knew she wanted to be a singer. Since then, she’s been covered three times by the Tennessee Tribune, collaborated with Rick Ross, scored three separate nominations at the Southern Entertainment Awards, and been one of the top 300 finalists on American Idol.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee but raised in Cleveland, Ohio, D’Wynter was raised in a musically gifted family. She fell in love with vocal performance from a young age, and her music has remained grounded in her roots.

Like a strong cup of coffee, D’Wynter’s unique vocal tones merge hip-hop’s edge with R&B’s warmth. The music scene quickly drank up what D’Wynter’s voice had to offer. Singles like “Shoulda Waited” and “Slow to Bleed” warmed hearts and melted racial barriers in Nashville. In response, Music City has since welcomed her with a warm applause.

Her musical talent has resulted in her multiple appearances in various media—from television, to print, to YouTube. D’Wynter was featured on Rick Ross’s record and made an appearance in Ross and Won-G’s music video, “Rich Together.” The video earned multiple award nominations, and has since reached 2 million views on YouTube.

Music has given D’Wynter a voice—and it’s only getting louder.

You can watch the full visual above and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Also download her latest singles on iTunes here.