Double Vision is a hip-hop duo consisting of two talented performers, Jarred and Johnathan, who go by their stage names, “Twiin” and “2win”.


This talented duo set out to achieve a really powerful chemistry, with tracks that are notable for the clever wordplay and the smooth, yet powerful lyrical flow, which truly defines the band’s vision and formula. Double Vision recently released their 2nd EP, titled (Ra)w Form. Their music blurs the lines between simple energy and in-depth intellectualism, with catchy, direct music, blending in with thought-provoking lyrics that make people think, reflect and discuss.
Their songs echo the world of influential rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, A Tribe Called Quest or even Wu Tang Clan, just to mention a few.
Double Vision bridge the gaps between entertainment and consciousness, with a unique take on hip-hop.

Check out a new unreleased(official date TBA) single/music video by DV featuring st. louis OG Black Spade! A feel good, positive party song below:



Facebook: facebook.com/dvtwinsmusic

Twitter: twitter.com/DVhiphop

Instagram: instagram.com/dvtwins

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