As part of this year’s D23, Japanese video game producer Square Enix dropped an in-depth look at the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. After debuting at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra last month, the new trailer gives us some great in-game footage of Sora smashing his way through waves of bad guys with his signature Keyblade in traditional Kingdom Hearts fashion. The trailer dives into the interactive world of Toy Story, where Sora, Donald and Goofy meet up with Woody and Buzz. One of the best parts is Woody and Buzz are shown as playable characters in your party, as well as an entire world centered around themes from the Toy Story series.

For fans of the KH franchise, we’ve waited more than 10 years for an original Kingdom Hearts game, the trailer ended with a simple message that read “Coming 2018,” so it looks like our wait is almost over. You can watch the full trailer above.