Fly Tye is one of hip-hop’s most authentic up-and-comers. Cleveland has produced some of rap’s most unique artists such as Machine Gun Kelly and Kid Cudi. The city is dear to Tye’s heart and he continues to stay true to his roots. Here at TFC we have shown love for Fly Tye’s music, including two of his best tracks “Stayed Down” and “Ballin” on episodes 004 & 005 of CloudNine Radio. Peep the tracks and read Tye’s thoughts on the creative process, the culture, and his artistry below.


Fly Tye Interview

Q1: What is one of your first memories of rapping?

A: “Definitely getting the record done with Bambi (love hip-hop)! [It] was the beginning phase of what we got going and something I’ll [never forget].”

Q2: How has growing up in Cleveland shaped the sound of your music?

A: “Gave me the authenticity I needed. It allowed me to experience things that another city may not have had to offer! Good and bad. People love our culture and me growing up in it allows me to give it to them with confidence and experience.”

Q3: Many people use the term “creative direction”. What does it mean to you, and what role does it play in your music-making process?

A: “So many different ways for people to creatively direct their shit, but me personally I just believe in staying organic in the process. I just like to vibe out and create off vibes!”

Q4: If there is one trend in hip-hop currently that you could erase, what would it be?

A: “I would definitely get rid of trend-followers. Let people be. If they created it, as an artist, [you should] allow them to wave off of it.”

Q5: What is something important you’ve learned from a producer?

A: “To always be myself when creating. It always seems to work better.”

Q6: What is one thing hip-hop fans don’t know about Fly Tye that they should?

A: “I’m CONSISTENT! Join the wave and see for yourself. I always deliver quality in a timely fashion.”

Q7: Is your beat selection process based more on a sonic theme or a gut feeling?

A: “It’s more gut for me. If it feels right, I go with it.”

Q8: Who is one artist you would love to collaborate with?

A: “[Kanye]! No mystery. I just wanna be able to sit in on one of his sessions and watch the process. I’d prefer to be a part of it, obviously.”

Q9: If you were stranded on an island but could still watch movies, which 5 films would you take with you?

A: “Friday, Hangover, Superbad, Juice, and Pineapple Express lol”

Q10: What do you consider to be the best rap album of all-time?

A. “Any Jay-Z Album. Honestly, they’re all classic to me. It’s like a sermon lol. It speaks to us fans of Jay.”