Smoking Martha have been burning through venues with their crushing live show since their first EP in 2014. Born of sultry songstress Tasha D and guitarist Mick Broome’s combined love of raw rock n’ roll, the band made a start in 2012 with the union of likeminded musicians Az Stonely (guitar), Matty Mulheran (bass) and Jordy Poynter (drums) who brought out the bands tough yet addictive sound and helped forge their explosive live show. Since forming Smoking Martha have gathered a substantial cult-like following around the country as a result of relentless touring both has headlines and alongside acts such as Everclear (USA), Prophets Of Addiction (USA), Uriah Heep (UK), Seether (SA) and Cherie Currie (The Runaways).

Since releasing singles “Say You’re Mine” and “What’s Her Name?”, the band have put the finishing touches on their debut album In Deep. Recorded at Loose Stone Studios with Matthew Bartlem (Matt Corby, Dead Letter Circus) in the producer’s chair, it perfectly encapsulates the bands heavy hitting, but versatile sound. Softer tracks like “Baby Let Me Go” showcase the band’s ability to go from chugging riffs of previous song “One Night” to a song led by Tasha D’s huge vocal range layered with strings and a delicate acoustic guitar.

It’s been three years since their last EP so the band have a lot to draw inspiration from as Tasha D explains, “The songs in the album describe a series of unwanted feelings and circumstances that make us feel sometimes trapped but sometimes more passionate and therefore we get in so deep that it consumes us. So deep that there is no other option than to dig deeper and push harder, no matter the outcome.”

From blowing up 2 sets of $300 headphones and destroying a magic Sherlock guitar head, the band did their fair share of rockstar destruction to create a recording that was as close to the live show as possible. Pulling inspiration from the energetic performances of Rise Against to the riffs and soaring dynamics of Queens of the Stone Age, the band have made a record that cements their place in the Australian heavy rock scene.

IN DEEP kicks off with the heavy tune So Lonely. The rock track features masterfully powerful vocals over amazing guitar progression. The track really set’s the project off on the right foot and paves the way for “Say You’re Mine”. The song is very reminiscent it really puts listeners into lead singers mind as she goes back and fort about wanting more and waiting for an interest to show complete interest. The positive To The Stars is one of my favorite tracks off IN DEEP for it’s drum patterns and amazing hook. The transitions through To The Stars are amazing and the record flows perfectly. Ebb Of The Tide really serves as a great offset to the rest of the record’s alternative rock vibes as the tempo and instrumentation are really varied on Ebb Of The Tide and the bridge where the track takes on almost a Blues vibe is a real treat for listeners. The heavy hitting One Night is the perfect song to kick off your night to. The song has the perfect sound to really kill radio waves this summer. Guitarist Mick Broome’s masterful guitar skill is put on full display throughout the song. The ballad Baby Let Me Go contains amazing instrumentation and serves to highlight lead singer, Tasha D’s powerful vocals and amazing delivery. Follow kicks off the second half of the record and really puts listeners in the right place to listen to the rest of the record. Find A Way is mixed amazingly and lead singer Tasha fits perfectly in the mix with the guitar progression and drums. Find A Way is a powerful record that puts lead singer Tasha in an empowering position as she speaks on coming to take another woman’s place confidently. What’s Her Name is an up tempo jam with amazing chord production. The bouncy guitars serve as the perfect offset to Tasha’s smooth delivery on the record. Stranger Things is a great record to close the project with as it showcases the bands strengths in guitar and songwriting. Overall, IN DEEP is a powerful project which really showcases the band members individual strengths. Smoking Martha is a band ready to put their talents front and center for the world to hear.