Fresh off the release of her latest record, Batteries, Mickey Shiloh is charged up. Having already landed songwriting credits that include working on releases from artists like Wiz Khalifa, LL Cool J as well as co-writing “Night” off of Jane Jackson’s highly successful album, Unbreakable, Mickey Shiloh is a songwriting force and it’s evident when you listen to tracks on her popular Soundcloud page. Last year, the songwriter even got an amazing co-sign from Kylie Jenner via her Snapchat account.

Mickey Shiloh Interview

KTIII: What first attracted you to music and putting together your own sounds as a girl?

Mickey Shiloh: My dad was a rapper so I was always surrounded by creative energy… he would just be around the house rapping and writing. I think that is what sparked my own inspiration, and I began writing raps at a very young age. Then it turned into full length songwriting and singing/recording, and never stopped!

KTIII: Having written for numerous industry artists since you were in high school including writing for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Pitbull, and more, have you ever studied songwriting formally? What helped you develop such a mastery of words and emotion?

Mickey Shiloh: I’ve never studied songwriting formally but had a couple great mentors along the way. The first real producer I was signed to, Chad Beatz (now goes by Chad Dexter), was a very key player in the development of my songwriting. We would write songs together over iChat for hours and hours a day (since he was based in Florida). He helped shape my song arrangement and self-vocal production skills as well. Then when I signed to Darkchild at 17 I was introduced heavily into mainstream pop songwriting and was blessed to have him as a mentor along the way.

KTIII: How do you stop yourself from using the same words or patterns when you write your songs? Do you ever get writer’s block?

Mickey Shiloh: I do get writers block and that’s when I know its time to take a break — sometimes a day, few days or maybe even a week at the very most. I do notice I tend to say the same words or patterns when I’m just exhausted from writing so much. I avoid it by stepping back and coming back to everything when I feel more refreshed. Gotta go out and live! Have some things to write about!

KTIII: Last year was a big year for you especially when you received a golden stamp of approval on Kylie Jenner’s snap chat, what’s your favorite part about being able to connect to so many people not only through your songwriting but through your own singles and releases?

Mickey Shiloh: It is the best feeling in the world to see people connect to my own music. It makes me feel less alone in whatever thoughts and feelings I am expressing through my songs. My favorite part is seeing people enjoying it (I love getting videos of people singing and dancing to my stuff). It is also extremely humbling when someone tells me my more serious songs have helped them through something.

KTIII: Having been in the industry for as long as you have, do you ever have days where you get writers block or lose motivation? What do you do to bring yourself back?

Mickey Shiloh: Yes, I just take a break for however long I feel necessary. Watch movies, go out, listen to new kinds of music, meditate.

KTIII: Who would it be a dream for you to work with? If you could have any feature on your album, present or past, who would it be and why?

Mickey Shiloh: EMINEM. Was a huge fan of his growing up and he really inspired me during my rap phase as a kid. I think he is timeless. True painter with words.

KTIII: Describe your latest record, the smooth, otherworldly Nabeyin produced, Batteries. How did this record come together?

Mickey Shiloh: I was just at home and going through tracks. As soon as I heard the beat I already heard the verse melody. Opened up my Pro Tools and started recording and writing as I went. It’s based off of a real life situation so it came together pretty effortlessly.

KTIII: Are you currently working on a project or album? What can we expect from you in the future?

Mickey Shiloh: Yes, I’m always working on new songs. I’m simultaneously working on a few projects of my own at the moment. I’m excited to drop more content for everyone that has been asking and for those that have yet to hear it.

KTIII: What are some words of advice or encouragement you would use to motivate aspiring singers or songwriters?

Mickey Shiloh: My biggest advice is always to learn to record yourself. Don’t depend on anyone else to make it happen for you. Start a soundcloud, get on spotify (if you are an artist) and just PUT SHIT OUT! Don’t hold back anything. Songs have no use just sitting on a hard drive.


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