Interview: Olympic Track Star Carol Cake Is On The Rise With New Music


Carol Cake is a multi-talented music phenom that fits the triple threat category perfectly. As a rapper, singer, and songwriter, Carol Cake really does her thing on the track, not only musically but literally. Being a Two-Time Olympian, Carol Cake is a track star. With diverse musical influences, Carol Cake’s music offers a variety of different sounds and emotions that are based off her real life. When not busy working on her upcoming project, Carol also founded and hosts Sports Run and Then Some on Dash Radio. After sitting down with Carol Cake, she provided us with deeper insight into her upcoming project, musical background and advise for aspiring artists.

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KTIII: What originally got you involved with music?

Carol Cake: Growing up I played clarinet in marching band , jazz band and symphonic band. I used to use the 2xL robot to write songs to. I played in the band throughout school and picked up the piano while attending USC (University of Southern California)

KTIII: What other artists influence you or inspire you musically?

Carol Cake: Growing up I was influenced by Missy Elliot , Aaliyah , Conscious Daughters, 2 PAC, Biggie, Lil Kim, Sade, Marvin Gaye. Current Influences: Drake, Kanye, Rihanna , Jay Z, Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey.

KTIII: What is it that you would you that you’re known for?

Carol Cake: I would like able to inspire people to pursue their dreams and goals.

KTIII: What’s the most interesting thing about you that I wouldn’t be able to find out from your bio or social media?

Carol Cake: That I am obsessed with my furry little pal Sassy , it has gotten to the point were I have created animated sounds for her as if she could talk in her own voice

KTIII: Being a two-time Olympian after participating in the Beijing Olympic Games as well as the London Olympic Games, you’ve been able to leave your mark in society both as an athlete and as a musician, is there anything that you’ve learned from one that you were able to apply to the other in a beneficial way?

Carol Cake: Running Track and Field changed my life. It taught me how to be disciplined , it has made me into a competitor, it has taught me the fundamentals of putting the work in and being consistent and most importantly it has taught me to not give up. As a musician I apply everything I learned as an athlete into building my musical career as well as the other endeavors I am pursuing.

KTIII: What skills or personal attributes do you feel have been the most important to you in your continued success?

Carol Cake: Being able to stay focused , disciplined , consistent . And believing and visualizing what you want to achieve.

KTIII: We finish this interview and you step outside and find a winning lottery ticket that gets you $10 million. Do you ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again or do you invest that in yourself and pump out the new EP?

Carol Cake: I would invest it into myself and pump out the new EP. And continue to reinvest in my future .

KTIII: Your lead single, “On The Rise”, is a really dope record that highlights your lyricism and ability to destroy a beat. Can you tell us more about the record and what inspired you to want to want to describe the come up and what it takes to achieve?

Carol Cake: I wrote “On The Rise ” because I wanted to inspire people and create a movement . “On The Rise Movement.” The hard work , grind, determination and sacrifices it took me to
get to where I am as a woman , musician and an Olympian was the fuel behind my single , “On The Rise” We are all “On The Rise” together . We are striving and working towards our dreams and greatness.

KTIII: What can we expect from your highly anticipated EP, Carol Cake 7 Candles? What inspired the title?

Carol Cake: Carol Cake 7 Candles is going to give you 7 flavors of Carol Cake. The EP will have 7 songs . Variety, Relatable situations and fun vibes. The tittle is highly inspired by my mother and the number 7. The number 7 is my favorite number and is the number that represents completion . As well as it releasing in 2017

KTIII: Do you have any advice that you would give to aspiring artists and songwriters?

Carol Cake: To believe in yourself , don’t become distracted , and that consistency is key


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