As they attempt to promote the new Gorillaz album Humanz, Damon Albarn dropped by Sway In The Morning for a in depth interview. On the heels of Gorillaz’s “first-ever on-camera interview” as animated characters, Albarn sat side-by-side with De La Soul artist Pos and producer Twilite Tone to talk about the origin of the Gorillaz’s, the new project, and more. Most notably, Albarn did something that’s rarely — if ever — attempted: he tried to cook up a Gorillaz freestyle. While Sway always makes sure the artists that enter his domain are put to the test, this round definitely went in a different direction.

You can watch the full Gorillaz’s (Damon Albarn’s) entire Sway In The Morning sit-down above; the freestyle session starts 36 minutes in. For more, read up on the new Gorillaz tour and check out the group’s recent Reddit AMA.