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Taken from her third studio album Redemption, singer D∆WN delves deeper into the world of technology and Electronic music. First performing on YouTube’s 360 stage followed by 2016’s interactive clip. ‘Not Above That‘.

In this particular endeavor, we see the singer exploring the world of 3D& 4D Animation. The video is directed by Monty Marsh with digital artists Sam Rolfes & Isaac Cohen, featuring the records Lazarus and Love Under Lights featured on Redemption. The first half of the visual sees the singer dancing over a 4D plane that’s responsive to mouse clicks, while the second sees a 3D image of the singer begin to form which is also responsive to mouse clicks.

However, the video is not mobile friendly and is recommended to be viewed on a desktop.

Review: D∆WN – Redemption

The visuals perfectly match the progressive electronic glitchiness of its respective tracks. When asked about the tracks here’s what Richard had to say:

“Lazarus” is about the rebirth and rise of my movement. So many times the underdogs get slept on and overstepped. Lazarus speaks to those who get overlooked. “Love Under Lights” is about loving  without prejudice. The verses speak on straight relationships, same sex relationships and self love. It’s about loving out loud instead of hidden in the dark or secretly because of society’s opinion.

Press play above to get the full interaction of the video and be sure to check D∆WN out on tour this summer, click here for tickets.

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