Get the rolling papers, lighter, and get ready for an experience! On April 21, 2017, rising artist, Tripp Denom, will finally release his new smoked-out EP titled “The Funktional Addict”.  The EP acts as a platform for Tripp to set himself aside from the pack with his own sound, which he calls Stoner Indie.  It is an addictive new genre that draws its influences from hip-hop, funk, and soul music!  Within just the 1st few tracks you will learn so much about Tripp as he lures listeners in with his unique sound.  Get lost in the soulfulness and supreme dopeness of tracks like, “Bright Lights Fast Living”. Or get lost in soothing psychedelic smoker’s anthems like, “O.K.C. feat K-Buck & Captain Atlanta” or “Coupe Life (Smoke & Ride Mix). It is very apparent that Tripp Denom has added so much substance into this 7-track collection that “The Funktional Addict” is much more than an EP… It’s a trippy experience. 

“Stoner Indie” is the self-proclaimed genre in which he operates.  His music is a natural blend of Hip-Hop and R&B and Funk with nodes of style from multiple genres. His tracks have a sense of longevity, the type of music that you can keep coming back to and it will mean something different every time.  “Stoner Indie” is best described as smooth yet sometimes upbeat music that incorporates stoner culture and life.  Not only is Tripp Denom a name, but also a Mantra. It represents that which brings a person joy in life.” 

Below is Bright Lights Fast Moving, the first video released from the upcoming EP. The K-Buck assisted song finds Tripp Denon delivering a smooth yet potent track over a trippy instrumental. The vocals and flow are the first thing that stand out as you check out this song and the fact that the track is so well produced. Overall this is the perfect record to throw on to just ride to in the whip or even just kick back and spark an L to. Tripp Denom’s upcoming project is sure to be a hit with records like Bright Lights Fast Living present :

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