Lil Dicky Releases Hilarious High-Budget Video for “Pillow Talking”

Rapper/comedian Lil Dicky has always been known for knee-slapping music videos. His commercial debut Professional Rapper dropped all the way back in July of 2015, but the album’s fifth single gets the visual treatment nearly two years later. The delay is most likely due to the video’s alleged $700K budget which correlates to hours and hours of video editing and added effects. This video is worth the wait, though. Dicky and his partner for the evening delve into philosophical conversations about human purpose, religion, the fate of the dinosaurs as well as our current political state. He does this with witty and cohesive wordplay and storytelling that make his bars sound completely natural, fluent, and therefore relatable. Press play above to watch this hilarious take on what goes down after the magic happens.

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