Dieuson Octave, professionally known as Kodak Black, was found guilty on five house arrest violations in a Fort Lauderdale court Wednesday. The 19-year-old rapper was charged with attacking a bartender in a Miami strip club.

On Wednesday the only known surveillance video from that fateful night in February was played time and time again and the club’s manager says not only was bartender Jennifer Cunningham drunk but she was the aggressor.

A Miami-Dade police officer also testified Cunningham appeared to hug the rap star on surveillance video after the alleged incident and the victim seemed more interested in her getting surveillance video for a civil case than pursuing criminal battery charges.

The Florida-bred MC who is no stranger to legal woes recently just dropped his debut studio album Painting Pictures in March as well as having a top 10 single and a feature on the recent Fast & Furious flick.

A sentencing hearing is set to take place on May 4.