Spotify just inked a deal with music juggernaut Universal Music Group (UMG) that allows the label to delay the release of albums for up to two weeks. This will only effect users without a premium Spotify subscription. the hope is that this will cause users to pay for the premium service, which will in-turn generate more money for the artist and the label.


“We know that not every album by every artist should be released the same way, and we’ve worked hard with UMG to develop a new, flexible release policy,” said Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek in a statement. “Starting today, Universal artists can choose to release new albums on premium only for two weeks, offering subscribers an earlier chance to explore the complete creative work, while the singles are available across Spotify for all our listeners to enjoy.”


Streaming is a fairly new platform but artist’s have avoided some of these issues by releasing exclusively on other premium-only services such as Tidal and Apple Music. Now they have the same option with Spotify and this new deal with UMG. What do you think of this deal? If you are a free Spotify user do you think this deal will effect you much? Let us know in the comments below.

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