Ohio Rapper, Spanish, is an artist who brings an entirely different, yet relatable perspective to the rap game. Growing up in the small town of Marion, Spanish was forced to use his imagination to create a sound to drown out the deafening tone of many doubters and naysayers. Motivational hooks, inspiring lyrics, and humble melodies are all distributed across Spanish’s body of work. His most recent release “Clueless”, inspired by the 1995 Movie, features 8 tracks in which Spanish uses his versatility as a artist to form a smooth and edgy mix-tape that places listeners in his mind.

Stand out tracks such as “Kicked Out Of Mexico” and “Free Promo” are definitely  feel good vibe records which makes for a easy listen while records such as “Cake” are almost hypnotic and are great to unwind to. To be honestly this project sounds like a harder hitting “Kush & Orange Juice” mixtape released by Wiz Khalifa back in 2010. You can listen to the full project below and be sure to follow Spanish on Twitter.


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