Apple Should Take Notes From This New Mac Pro Concept

What I would give to see a newer better, smarter, faster Mac Pro.

Pascal Eggert is an independent graphics designer who shares his dream of how he envisions the long-ignored high-end Apple desktop. Check out the photos above.

“At it’s core this is really just a very quick asset I made to try out new render software, but I also wanted to find out just how big or ugly a Mac Pro would have to be to fit standard components, So I just threw it all together in 3D software and the smallest reasonable fit was 150 x 2 70x 330 mm. Obviously this isn’t entirely thought through — for example, I forgot to turn the video cards the right way for the airflow — but in a way this shows that the Mac Pro could still look decent while also being a product pro users would actually consider buying.”

One of the features I loved the most was the ability to add two standard-size NVIDIA video cards. With space to add four “old-school” 2.5-inch drive bays, making upgrades super convenient.

Apple’s pro customers are starting to feel abandoned, we haven’t had an upgrade to the Mac Pro since 2013. While the 2013 model is still a very capable machine, it was lacking in features from the day Apple announced it, for instance Apple made the decision to use mobile GPUs in the current Mac Pro, rather than a full on desktop GPU. The wonder years of the easily upgradable Mac Pro are far behind us as Apple decided in 2013 they would not make the 2013 Mac Pro upgradeable — which is outrageous for a computer that in the ballpark of $3,000.


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