What is Chasing Sound? Originally hailing from Massachusetts then later transitioning to Myrtle Beach, SC. Hannah Rossignol is the CEO of independent record label Envy Records. Ms. Rossignol is a dedicated, passionate and influential businesswoman with a vision for the future of the music industry.

Chasing Sound is a podcast curated every Tuesday by Hannah herself and is hosted by @EnvyRecordsLLC to support artists, producers and creatives alike. Chasing Sound Volume 4 features 26 tracks from new emcees such as Austin Millz, J Fitts and Derrick Milano. One thing I love about the young CEO is how passionate she is about making sure this generation of artists have a voice while educating them on ways to make their mark without the need of a major record label. The belief musicians should have the freedom to make the music they are naturally inspired to make without the pressure of major labels. Chasing Sound is currently hand picked exclusively by Hannah Rossignol herself but submissions requests are still possible here. Follow Hannah and Envy Records and listen to the awesome playlist below.

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