Las Vegas, NV-based 2 man electronic duo Gypsy Danger brings us their latest releases. Birds Don’t Fly feat. Jungz & Holly is a high energy, powerful bass record rocking unbelievable vocals. The groups creativity and ear for detail is heard through the transitions and variations found throughout the record. The Branagh assisted Human Error 61 is a bouncy deep house record that is perfect for setting off the party right. The Mako Preview has an infectious progression that makes it difficult to stop listening to. The record picks up power until it becomes an unstoppable force making listeners stop and enjoy the innovative bass sound. Hyde is an awesome record that take a while to build up though the transitions and sounds make the entire build up worth it. Yung is one of my favorite records by Gypsy Danger as it keeps listeners guessing throughout the entire record. Frogs at Night is an ethereal record that produces an enormous sound. The record’s wobbles and switch ups keep listeners captivated and the background effects only help to further move the record. Check out these records by Gypsy Danger and leave a comment below to let the group know what you think of the records.

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