Continuing from the momentum of her video “Wake Up”, Dawn Richard or D∆WN as we now know her as takes us on an intergalactic  360 virtual reality experience with “Not Above That”. Premiering through WIRED as a collaboration with VR Play HouseD∆WN shows her true innovation by creating the very first music video in 360, a trend she started with the very first 360 Youtube concert with The Verge back in April. This is an incredible feat for any artist especially an indie one, Richard states:

“As an entrepreneur I’ve always had a vision to expand music beyond the linear frames,with this release, we’ve done just that. This VR experience not only transports you to a CGI world but also includes spatial sound that will elevate your visual and auditory senses. Indie just took huge strides. And we are proud to be among the first to do it.”

The video comes equipped a 360 remote on the desktop version so you can get the full interaction while on mobile you can experience it through the cardboard app with YouTube allowing you to turn around and watch all the VR goodness. While the visuals are stunning I wouldn’t recommend watching this through apps like Chromecast because then you’ll be left with an unpleasant merging of the clips. Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments.