In 2007, Lupe won a Grammy for “Daydreamin’,” his single off Food & Liquor. At the time, however, the rapper was sick with pneumonia and couldn’t accept the grammy. The Grammy was then sent to his lawyer, who kept the the Grammy award in her garage for nearly a decade. Lupe’s assistant then moved it to New York, and Lupe finally got his hands on the hardware when the tour stopped in NYC on the way to Cincinnati.

This wonderful acceptance speech is long overdue, and we all know that young Lupe doesn’t disappoint. He makes the crowd aware that this is his official Grammy acceptance speech, and goes on to thank his family, his business partners, his hometown city of Chicago, and his late father.

Lupe even passes the Grammy around the crowd, letting his fans bask in the glow with him before launching into the song that won the statuette. It’s a special moment for any fan of Lupe.

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