When you think of music coming from Baltimore, you think of groups like Dru Hill and singers like Mario, but there’s a new kid on the block, Kennard. This Baltimore native brings the sexiness of 90’s R&B and the party atmosphere of Clubs in his mixtape “Proceed”. Kennard grew up idolizing Mario and Dru Hill and knew in his heart that he would be the next superstar coming from Baltimore. It only takes a few seconds of listening to see that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Kennard’s debut mixtape Proceed is a fun yet sexy R&B affair. From the first tracks, the Cater to You Interlude and Special Friend, it is easy to see Kennard’s strong vocal presence and silky smooth vocal delivery. Kennard is a vivid storyteller who is capable of delivering easy to follow, insightful and fun tracks. Party Time is one of the first records on the project that find’s Kennard in party mode and it works very well. Records like In My Bedroom allow Kennard to explore the golden age of R&B and deliver his interpretation of the sound. Private Room is another one of Kennard’s smoother tracks that allows him to croon and belt smooth lines. Vocally, Confused is one of Kennard’s strongest outings on Proceed, the ballad is powerful and really hits home for listeners. Kennard’s influences are definitely felt throughout the entire project and Kennard’s voice, smooth delivery and beat selection really stand out on Proceed. Leave a comment below to let Kennard know what you think of his project.

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