We’ve all know Mr. West to pull a rabbit out the hat a few times so the release of another record shouldn’t surprise us. What did surprise us was how good the song is. Personally its Kanye West all grown up. The song touches deeper aspects on Kanye’s life and gives insight into how he views the world, our generation, and the media. One of Kanye’s better records and definitely worth a listen. The record is six minutes and fifteen seconds long but I didn’t notice until after fully listening and then checking the time stamp.

The song is about Kanye’s $53 Million dollar personal debt and was recorded shortly after the media went off on him in defense of Taylor Swift after hearing lyrics on “Famous” suggesting sex with America’s favorite pop star. He also talks about his album being downloaded over a million times illegally. “Saint Pablo” previously was titled “Closest Thing To Einstein” and was teased during a rant at a night club. Kanye starts off the record saying…

My wife said I can’t say no to nobody, and at this rate we’re gonna both die broke!

We haven’t heard Kanye rap like this since “MBDTF” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) for those of you who ain’t hip to Kanye West. So Yeezy has a few thought provoking lines in the record, as if this record could have followed “Real Friends”  on “TLOP” (The Life Of Pablo) and fit right in. Joined buy soothing sultry vocals from Sampha, the song quickly comes into it’s own. Take a listen and see for yourself, tell us what you think.

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