“Can’t Lose Your Love” is the new song from passionate pop vocalist Milyssa Rose and Raxiel Sinz.  Full of energy and emotion, it may end up one of the bigger independent hits of the season.

Emotion-charged, passionate, powerful vocals have served pop star Milyssa Rose  very well as she pushes her career forward.  Drawing listeners into her world, with a compelling mix of talent, energy and pure charisma it’s quite clear Rose carries that extra something special, that have carried women like Pink and Madonna over the top.  This feel is all over her latest release “Can’t Lose Your Love” with Raxiel Sinz.  Rose’s sincerity bleeds through the track that has the feel of a dance hit once the DJ’s hear the combination of Rose and Raxiel over such a hypnotic beat.  This could be the song that take Rose’s name into more people’s lives than ever.

Promo clips for the coming video show Milyssa’s personality to the fullest.  It also shows another side of her talent where her charisma has a chance to really connect with fans.  Her approach to video work has caught many eyes as a throwback to some of the biggest names to ever pick up a microphone.

“People ask me ‘why are your videos this way? Why are they so controversial?”,  commented Rose in a recent interview.  “To me, music videos when I was growing up had a story. It just wasn’t people in a club, with a bunch of bling and a rented Mercedes. There was more to it. Growing up and watching Madonna and Michael Jackson, they had a storyline. Videos aren’t like that anymore. They are dumbed down and I don’t want to be dumbed down.”

Atlanta-based Rose performs live as much as possible.  Details about the latest shows and where to buy “Can’t Lose at Love” can be found on her ReverbNation or across he many active social media pages.

For more information be sure to visit https://www.reverbnation.com/milyssarose.

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