Cudder Goes On A Twitter Rant

Kid Cudi feels unappreciated and I quote from his Twitter rant earlier this week.

“Im pretty much underappreciated in every aspect of my life. Thats ok because soon you’ll have no choice but to honor me. My power is pure.”

Later tweeting “I have no friends in this business,” he casually slipped in the great news: “New album this summer.”

We’ve come to expect this kinda brutal honesty from him, he then added..

“I think about blowin my brains out a handful a times a week, I fear no one. I gives no fucks. Im a warrior in hell.”

I know true Kid Cudi fans are praying this will be the release of  Man on the Moon III, but his recent songs “All In” and “The Frequency” have hinted at a return to the Man on the Moon sound.

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