Jon Jones the former UFC heavyweight champion returned to the ring tonight in unanimous decision win over Ovince Saint Preux.  Jones won every round to become the intern UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion of the world.  Jones wore Saint Preux down as the fight progressed. Landed strikes consistently including a technically sound spinning back kick to the head in round 2.

watch-ufc-197-Jon Jones

In round 3 Jones landed combos and multiple leg kicks while Preux failed to be the aggressor in a fight he was loosing on the cards fast.

Round 4 Jones was able to get in the mount position and land nasty heavy shots that got the crowd in a uproar.
Saint Preux was save by the bell before struggling to raise off the Matt.

Round 5 the action slowed down a bit but Jones was consistent with attacks and even landing another slam on Preux.
Preux showed heart by going the distance and surviving several elbow blows to the head and slams.


Jones defeated Ovince Saint Preux to set up his pursuit to the top of the UFC where he once reigned supreme.  The #1 Ranked Light Heavyweight returned to the ring after being stripped of the title for an alleged drug related incident involving Jones leaving the scene of a car accident involving a pregnant woman.

Jones has since attended rehab and earned his way back into the Octagon to return at UFC 197 at the MGM Grand Garden against Ovince Saint Preux.  It was Daniel Cormier Jones biggest rival whom Jones was ready to face when Cromier was injured during training.  Jon’s win will now set up his next fight for the belt against Cormier possibly for UFC 200.