Bruce Cohen is a founding member of the Philadelphia band, The Reds®, whose first album on A&M, entitled “The Reds,” is a combination of textures dense with electronic chaos brought to the edge of madness.  For his solo endeavors, Cohen likes to experiment with German electronic minimalism, and the atmospheric landscape of ambient textures.  His first solo album, “One BC” (Tarock), was released August 2009, and contains all atmospheric, ambient instrumentals in the tradition and style of Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and Klaus Schulze.  His 2011 solo venture, “Two BC” (Tarock), expands on his earlier ambient themes, yet are even more experimental, and danceable.  The album contains tracks that go from spacial, lush, ambient soundscapes, to metal space funk, with every track receiving the special Bruce Cohen treatment. Cohen’s 2015 release, “Three BC — In A Trance,” focuses on the popular EDM/Trance genre that’s all about the beat.  Cohen’s quirky stamp of electronic keyboard scrapes and grooves, combined with his rubbery bass playing, gives the genre a unique twist.

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