Coming from Olympia, Washington, alternative rock band The Forgotten 45s recently released their first album, “Stop”. The band has an excellent sound that be described as a blend of rock, blues, alternative, and even pop at times. The title track, Stop is one of the albums most notable tracks as it finds Nolan McSheridan delivering crisp, smooth vocals that really keep the listener engaged. Pink Azaleas is the perfect record to kick off your summer with. The harmonic vocals and awesome chord progression really make the arrangement on Pink Azaleas stand out from other tracks on the album. The track Mistress really shows the bands versatility as the band visits a blues sound that allows guitarist Mike Rossi to deliver amazing riffs. When I was a Kid is a well-written reflective track that really captures the essence of youth. Wallows in the Mirror sees the band approach a more grungey sound that really delivers amazing drums from drummer David Gies. State of Affairs ended up being one of my favorite songs on the debut album as the vocals, lead and bass guitars mesh together seamlessly to create the perfect rock recipe. Don’t Cry and New Year serve as great outro records with New Year containing a smooth bassline from bassist Cosmo and some amazing lead guitar strums. Overall, Stop is a great entry into music for the band and the project is definitely worth a listen.

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