After extensive touring in support of their critically acclaimed album Call of the Nameless, Harbour Grace, hailing from Western Massachusetts, is back with their latest single White Liar.

Every now and then, a band will really grab your attention from the first listen, that is what Harbour Grace manages to do with their latest release. With an edgier sound than their prior releases, White Liar is a hard-hitting, in-your-face rock tune with heavy guitars, melodic vocals, driving rhythms, pounding bass, and a searing solo. The rock ‘n’ roll elements on the song are felt nearly instantly and the soundscape is set for the heavy guitar-laden tune. It’s definitely re-illuminating to hear guitars this spacious and inventive as they were in past years but Harbour Grace manages to capture the sound of the golden age and reinvent it for today’s listeners. The powerful vocals really work to help add momentum to this record until it’s moving like a train at top speed over the track. The guitar solo stands out the most to me as the distortion and filters over the instrumentation is done masterfully and really helps to create an ambiance. Overall, the hard hitting track is certainly worth a listen and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on your top playlist today.

The band has stated on their Facebook page that this is just one of the tunes they have been working on.  If this is any indication of their evolution as a band we expect great things as they set the bar high with their previous efforts and this takes it to the next level.

Check out Harbour Grace at and on popular music services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

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