Lit On This EP is the debut offering from Macon, GA based Fresh Valley Kings. The project is a party record that’s sure to take listeners on a ride. The opening Drum Major produced record Medium Rare is hard hitting and sure to keep listeners engaged as the flow on the record is on point with a similar trade-off flow to that found on many of the Flatbush Zombies releases. Fresh Valley Kings manage to set themselves apart from other southern based acts by their inclusion of many electronic elements in their instrumentals. Wrist Up really knocks as it finds the group in the club trying to get lucky. Slight Beats really delivers a unique vibe with this track and the group takes it to the next level. Hella Hoes finds the group trading insane flows as they describe their stables full of women. The bass on the record is serious so this is definitely a record to play at high volumes, not that everything that the Fresh Valley Kings make isn’t. The closing record Lit On These Hoes is the perfect track to close out the record as it’s one of the EP’s best offerings. MX Beats lays down an epic beat that the group laces together creating an unstoppable force.

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