17 Year Old Pittsburgh based Chester Pal delivers his debut release The Land of Error. The hip hop/alternative rap mixtape finds Chester Pal delivering potent and rebellious bars over tracks by producers such as Big Jerm, Setting, Conner Clausen, Norman Dean and more. The chemistry between Chester Pal and Big Jerm is felt on records such as How Dare Ya, Superhero, and Dreams. Chester Pal’s flow can best be described as a stream of realness with a dash of consciousness creating an easy to follow guide through Chester’s thoughts. Chester’s abstract flow is put on full display on records like The First Date, Hero’s Eventually Die, Suburban Kids Curse, and The Land of Error. Overall, The Land of Error is a strong outing by the 17 year old MC. The strongest parts of the record are Chester Pal’s flow and the strong production. Make sure you take a listen and download the mixtape today.

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