Fresh off of his 2016 Grammy sweep, Top Dawg Entertainment caught us off guard with “Untitled Unmastered” the follow up to Kendrick Lamar’s 5x Grammy Award Winning album “To Pimp A Butterfly”, with a collection of unreleased tracks that were intended to be on the album. “Untitled Unmastered” stays true to its name by featuring 8 fresh uncut tracks featuring some of TPAB’s supporting cast, and donning titles of the date the tracks were recorded. While being billed as his “fourth studio album” the album  still feels like a deluxe edition of TPAB. However in it’s sound and subject matter this record expresses more Jazz influences than the final product of TPAB. While most of the content doesn’t stray away from TPAB it doesn’t hold the same fluidity of it’s predecessor and at times feel like 34 minute freestyle. However what’s great about this release is that it is imperfect and features flaws that are usually cut out of final versions of the songs we hear on the radio, giving the sound a more real and organic feeling. The album is available on streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Tidal.  

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