Bass music legend ‘Calvin Kooley – Music Medic’ teams up with international recording artist Alaska MC to remix Spanish dance-music producer Bass Stations ‘It’s OK’ EP. This collection of remixes sets the pace for his long awaited masterpiece and this rare creative collaboration which is echoing throughout the bass music scene. Calvin Kooley puts his bass heavy foot down on each track; bringing out new elements in each song that fits Alaska MCs’ vocal performance like a glove. Truly a must hear and addition to your feel good playlist. Make sure you check the It’s OK video remix!

The project contains 4 tracks which work to change the dance music scene and expand the sound. The well produced project has a records with amazing vibes and great collaborations. Alaska MC delivers great party lines throughout the EP. The penetrating kicks and bass included on the project are perfect for leading listeners straight to the dance floor. My favorite records on the project are the title song, It’s OK and the smooth Feelin’ High. Calvin Kooley’s ear for great sounds is put on full display throughout the project.

Click here to download the It’s OK EP



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