With the surprise of their new group, Twenty88, and subsequent album set to drop on Friday, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko covered Flaunt Magazine and discussed how the duo came about.

“It’s a ’70s aesthetic, but we’re in the future.” Aiko explains. They draw from various influences—Blaxploitation films like Coffy (1973)—where a smart, strong Pam Grier empowers herself and goes vigilante against organized crime—and Roger Moore’s Bond films—style, luxury, and debonair masculinity are definitive parts of Sean’s undeniable appeal—and even 2015’s sci-fi Ex Machina.

Jhené does mention that her and Big Sean did go on a date back in 2012, but what’s there relationship like now?


They both claim that they’re single and just enjoying each other’s company. “It was fun for me to do something that was not so serious as far as me telling all of my deepest, darkest thoughts and being extra introspective. I don’t really record love songs. I usually express it when it’s gone bad. It was good to have songs from when it was a happy moment. It’s us having fun. And it’s also a look into our future too, you know, maybe…”

Check out the whole thing and view the photoshoot on Flaunt’s website.

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