Based out of Huntington Beach, California, Anthony Shea blends Indie Pop and Alternative. His music has been compared to The Arctic Monkeys and Cage The Elephant. Anthony’s musical themes explore complicated friendships, love that’s bipolar, and lackadaisical boredom.

Heavily influenced by British music, Anthony draws melodic and chord inspiration from The Beatles in tunes like The Catch, then shamelessly turns that side of him off in fuzzy rockers like How Do You Like Me Now?.

Lyrically, Anthony expresses these two different sides. One is sweet and shy and the next is sarcastic and confessional. In The Catch, he sings, “Anytime at all. I will catch your fall. But here’s the catch: You’ve got to call if your back’s against the wall. And I’ll be there anytime at all!”

In How Do You Like Me Now? his swaggery voice takes dead aim at a love who either has or had the best of him. He sings, “Baby, let me tell you what you do to me: You turn me green with jealousy. You make me think that I could die. you make me think that it’s alright. You make me think that that is life. You make me think of suicide. Tell me? Would you be cool with that?”.

Anthony is currently finishing his debut release, “Safely In My Loveseat”. The EP will be released this summer. He will soon be performing an acoustic show in Phoenix, Arizona at a Sofar event. More info on Sofar at

Click here to visit Anthony Shea’s Official Site.

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