Ivan L is a Pompano Beach, FL based rapper with a dope flow and amazing deliver. I recently was able to catch up with him and ask him a few questions.

KTIII: How would you describe your music to a complete stranger who has never seen or heard you before?

IVAN L: It’s music that comes from the soul of somebody who lives for the sound of a dope track. My music will make you want to stick your body out of the sunroof of your whip and stunt or make you want to rethink all the bullshit you been doing this year and get focused. I represent 3 dimensional people. You truly get to know me through my music.

KTIII:Your flow sounds quite polished, looking back when did you start doing music and what is one of your first experiences with music?

IVAN L: My first experience with music goes as far back as watching Ice Cube, Ice T, and Snoop Dogg run it in the early 90s and watching my tv wanting to do what they do. I started recording music in a real studio at 16 with a partner I met in high school. We were a Gangstarr type of group with real political leanings. We sold our little cd in the school and made enough to make it back to the studio a second time around and that made me fall in love with the hustle aspect too.

KTIII:I’m from Orlando, Fl so I have quite a bit of experience with the Florida scene. How would you say Pompano Beach has influenced your sound?

IVAN L: Pompano is crazy. It’s such a small hood but at the same time it’s its own world compared to the rest of Broward County. There’s talent on every block so it makes me want to come even harder as far as my sound goes. We’ve got guys like Kodak Black and Koly blowing up now so the world is starting to take notice and I’m looking to give people the other side to the city.

KTIII:When you’re going 88 mph in your car, where are you headed?

IVAN L: Thanks to the movie Back To The Future, when I hit 88 it represents me sliding to the future. I feel like my sound is ahead of it’s time.

KTIII:If you want anyone to remember any one thing about your music and artistry what would that be?

IVAN L: I would want people to recognize my relentless work in the studio. The sheer amount of music I have available for new fans speaks for itself.

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