Amanda Loving is an 19-year old singer, songwriter from Houston, She recently released her first single “Heartbreak” co-written alongside the great Alex Dezen of “The Damnwells. ”
“Heartbreak” is a song about young love and broken hearts.

Below is some great footage of Amanda performing live at Rodeo Houston. The video finds Amanda and the Black Dog band covering led Zepplin as Amanda leads in with her powerful vocals. Amanda’s stage presence is immediately felt and there is never a moment during the performance in which Amanda appears uncomfortable or out of place. Amanda displays a great amount of vocal mastery as she transitions smoothly from note to note, word to word delivering an overall awesome performance. The band’s background music is fitting and meshes well with Amanda as she delivers her Led Zepplin performance. Amanda sounds great over the backing from the live band and we’re interested to see what Amanda releases next.

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