Stuck With Green music features Ron’s unique vocals and Matthew’s warped storytelling. They describe the first Stuck With Green project as experimental electronic with a sense of humor. “The world needs another Frank Zappa,” exclaims songwriter Theodore Frederickson of Starburst Music. “And I officially nominate you!”

Stuck With Green recently performed at The Haven in Winter Park, Florida, and the crowd loved it! Promoted as a Battle of the Bands contest titled “Take Orlando Back,” Ron and Matthew’s act was accepted to compete for its creativity and comedy. The event promoter (DJ from Evolution of Cain Records) exclaimed, “You guys are very good with a crowd! I would say the best I saw throughout this whole show.”

Expect a little stand up comedy in between songs and be ready for a unique display of artistry. Stuck With Green vows to entertain with tracks like The Pimp Slap Song, I Ain’t Your Superhero and Her Love Is Magic. “The songs are quirky and some of the lyrics are downright bizarre,” explains Matthew. “Like Beck doing electronic music with a SNL sense of humor and NIN attitude.”


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