When the Clock Strikes is a Pop-Punk/Alt-Rock band from Muskogee, OK. that enjoys video games, comic books, and high BPMs. The Better Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.50.58 AMFriends EP is the latest offering from the band that is sure to deliver. The EP begins with the electric record, Too Many Cooks. The high energy record features powerful guitars, a grooving drum line and awesome vocals. The switch up towards the end of Too Many Cooks provides a powerful transition period that really keeps the listener engaged in the sounds of When the Clock Strikes. Better Friends (From A Distance), is a very relatable record that listeners can really connect to and take away from. We’ve all had people who we connect with slightly better from a distance and this record really brings the feeling to life. The lyricism by Daniel Basden is on full display during this potent record. The drum pattern in the third record, Fair Weather is one of the stand-outs instrumentally that really help The Clock Strikes to make their mark on this EP. Redemption is my favorite record on The Better Friends EP due to the message present on the record as well as the crazy guitar chord progression. The band’s willingness to try new things and really mix up their sound is on full display throughout the entire EP but the Lumpy Space Mix of Better Friends (From a Distance) really embodies this experimentation in the best way. My favorite tracks on the CD are Better Friends (From a Distance), Redemption, and Fair Weather though the entire EP is definitely worth a listen or two.

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