Rapper Suevin brings us his mixtape PROgression. The mixtape is essentially a walk through the thoughts of Suevin as he delivers real chill, personal bars.

Suevin’s flow is probably the largest stand out part of the project as Suevin shows a smooth mastery of flow from the Penacho produced track, Good Vibes. Visions sees Suevin leaving listeners with powerful thoughts and ideas to reflect on over an ethereal beat. She Needs Me is the first track on the project that opens up listeners to exactly how versatile Suevin is as he transitions from dropping dope bars to reminiscing over an old lover. Tracks like Peaking and Timeless really allow Suevin to display more of his inner thoughts and strengths. Progression is probably my favorite track on the project. The record finds Suevin reflecting on the world and where it’s going. Tha One provides a great contrast to the personal records that are throughout PROgression’s track listing as Suevin rides the uptempo sampled instrumental. Front Seat Freestyle finds Suevin and Fonix exchanging bars on a remix of Lupe Fiasco’s Paris Tokyo. The soulful Underdogs is a great outro that sees Suevin delivering some closing bars.

Overall, PROgression is a great alternative hip hop project that is definitely worth listening to… again and again.

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