Circe’s Diner are a Bristol-grown acoustic four piece born in 2014. Dedicated to self-penned, honest, rootsyScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.05.52 PM tunes the music from the Diner touches base with Country, Americana, Folk and Pop traditions yet the presentation and lyrical content comments on modern life through wondrous tales of love, loss and friendship.

Circe’s Diner’s tracks have been taken to live radio performances, airplay with BBC Introducing, live video sessions, film sync (High Tide. 2015) and the more than the expected share of performances in the Southwest (including performing to the Great British Bakeoff’s family in the final, 2015).

With their sound constantly developing while maintaining a humanity often lost in contemporary music, Circe’s Diner are pushing into 2016 with new material, a new EP and a thirst to share their music with the UK by inviting more and more people into the Diner through their very first UK tour.

The seven track ‘October’ EP, produced by Annie Gardiner, is entirely self-written and self-funded through the bands relentless gigging and innovative kick-starter campaign. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves for every second of ‘October’, Circe’s Diner prove they have a whole world of stories to tell and will continue doing so with their uniquely honest songwriting, infectious melodies and dreamy harmonies for a long time to come.

After listening to the Pre-Release of Circe’s Diner’s October EP, I was moved from the beginning. From the initial track, Let’s Go Sailing, the stage is set for Circe’s Diner’s smooth release. The EP contains strong production by Annie Gardiner including the amazingly ethereal sound of the vocally powerful Muddled Mind. Tracks like Whispers showcase the groups ability to change up their sound and move well between numerous styles. The  transitions in Whispers are mind-blowing and sure to keep listeners engaged. The writing on the project is well done as tracks like Tiger King particularly showcase Buck’s usage of alliterations and other poetic elements in her writing. The outdoors inspiried Caravan Song contains infectious guitar strums with great break downs and vocals. The closing track Fire Fire creates a nice contrast from the other songs on the project as it manages to take the listeners yet to another sound as the two vocalists explain their displeasure with going home as well.

My favorite tracks on the EP included the title track October, the extremely fluid Whispers track and Tiger King. Overall, the October EP is a strong showing by Circe’s Diner and contains down to earth, honest music with hints of Country, Americana, Folk, and Pop music.

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