He is certainly an energetic and a memorable performer on stage.  This Talented songwriter / musician / performing sensation Ivan Kelley is exploding on the global music marketplace with his debut single called Lights On – released on 30th November 2015.

Lights On brings a new level of performance adventure for Ivan. This explosive creative composition is sure to get the excitement going on social media likes, reposts, shares, radio and in entertainment venues all over. The years of honing his craft through national and international touring – afforded the youthful recording artist the opportunity to emerge with his very best debut offering of songs leading the collection with Lights On.  Mannish is Ivan Kelley’s debut CD album and he is showing his many fans around the world that their wait was not in vain.

  Mr. Kelley’s journey down the road to making an impact started early.  At the age of 11 Ivan was discovered by famous actor and TV talk show host – Ellen Degeneres.  Ivan appeared on Ellen demonstrating his musical skills by playing drums to the amazement of the studio audience and to Ellen’s national television viewing audience.

Ivan Kelley is a perfectionist when it comes to his musical craft.  The coming up super star took some time off after that spectacular debut on Ellen to fine tune his stage and creative musical abilities.  He also completed his education as well.  Another of his talents was showcased when the talented male vocalist appeared in the motion picture Joyful Noise – starring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah.  The movie was filmed in and around Atlanta.  Ivan excited movie audiences around the USA in the scene when he performed the Billy Preston classic That’s The Way God Planned It.

Ivan Kelley is an exciting and charismatic performer on stage. His legions of fans around the globe are in for a treat as Mr. Kelley’s new musical movement continuing with Light On makes its way to them. He will be performing songs from Mannish.  There is no doubt that Ivan will leave a lasting impression as he impacts the world of music for years to come.

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