The Beginning EP, The soulful debut from Orlando based songstress Gina Falcone definitely delivers in many ways. From the first track, Hey Baby, the R&B and Soul influence in Gina is felt as she delivers a smooth heartfelt tune in which she shares some of her inner thoughts as she pleads with a former love not to leave. Overall the project provides a deep, introspective imageview into the different thoughts and ideas that occupy the mind of anyone who has ever been in love. Tracks like The Real Me and Supernatural provide a nice contrast to many of the tracks on the EP as Gina is able to display powerful insight and an overall sense of her vocal control. The track Come on Home places Gina into a post-relationship world in which she is able to explain a different perspective than some of the first tracks on the EP like Hey Baby and Supernatural. The closing track Let Go, it’s as if Gina is able to reminisce over some of the themes that appear in the previous tracks while providing a positive outlook towards the future. Overall the project is an in depth look into the different emotions and feelings present in any relationship and Gina’s polished voice allows her to transition seamlessly from track to track. My favorite tracks on the project include Gone, Supernatural and Let Go though the project is worth a listen in it’s entirety to gain an overall feel for Gina as artist. Equipped with strong, jazzy instrumentals, Gina Falcone is able to deliver a powerful EP with her first release.

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